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The galleries reflect the various ways in which Juliana McDonald has explored concepts of change, renewal, fragility and impermanence in natural habitats that are often threatened by human encroachment and development. The works have been completed within the last few years, yet are based on her unique personal experiences in nature which span many years. Inquiries about individual works or commissions can be made by contacting the artist.

Suspension Series Suspension Series

Marshes and Fields Marshes and Fields

Secrets and Revelations   Secrets and Revelations
Georgian Bay Series 1 Georgian Bay Series 1

Georgian Bay Series 2 Georgian BAy Series 2

Quebec Series   Quebec Series

Collages Collages

Photo-based Work Photo-based Work

Juliana McDonald has produced a 16 foot long "book" entitled "Observances - Following the Path, an artist's journey" illustrating her creative process and focus on fragile green space. The "book" is made of images of fields, butterflies and plants in her neighborhood rendered as acrylic transfers and set against her words and phrases.

... Observance ... Walk ... Be Present ...
Bring to Life ... Seek and Show Curiosity ... Assimilate ... Create

The acrylic book is accompanied by a small artist's book, ISBN 978-0-9876979-0-5.

Video shot and produced by Alrick Huebener on his iPhone.



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