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Juliana McDonald is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Ottawa, magna cum laude (2000). She has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Ottawa area, including the Sussex, the Karsh-Masson and the Ottawa School of Art (Orleans) galleries, and internationally in the Hague, Netherlands. Also, her painting was featured in a video presentation of international artworks at the Venice Bienale in 2015. She is an active member of the local arts community, having served on numerous committees and boards. Her work is held in private, corporate and public collections, including the City of Ottawa's Public Art Collection. She has self-published two artist's book called Observances, Following the Path: an artist's journey (2011), and Monarch Pages (2016). McDonald has worked from her studio at the Enriched Bread Artists collective in Ottawa since 2000.

Corporate and Public Art Collections:
City of Ottawa Public Art Collection, 2008
Dr. Stephen M. Earle, D.D.S., Ottawa, Canada, 2007, 2008
Redcliffe Capital Inc., Ottawa, Canada, 2006
Communique Direct Studios, Ottawa, Canada, 2006
Canadian Medical Protective Association, Ottawa, Canada, 2004

Grants and Awards:
Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Award, March 2001
Corel Endowment for the Arts Award, May 2001
Faculty of Arts award for the highest standing in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Programme in the Department of Visual Arts, University of Ottawa, 2000

Media Coverage:
The Hunt Club-Riverside News, “Local Rock Painter Displays Rock Collection”, by Tom Collins, 11 Aug., 2005, p. 14.
The Ottawa Citizen, “Freshly Baked”, by Paul Gessell, 21 Oct. 2004, p. D1, D2
The Fulcrum, "More Than Just Plain White Bread", by David Moscrop, 23 Oct. 2003
Rogers Community TV, interview on Daytime, 24 Oct. 2003
CJOH TV news interview for "Doors Open Ottawa", 24 May 2003
Centretown News, “Artists Open Studio to Public” by Mara McCallum, 12 Oct. 2001, p. 7
Interview on The Ticket, Rogers Community TV Cable 22, 22-26 Oct. 2001
Voir, Arts visuels, “Un, deux, trois: avant la rentrée”, by Patrick Nicastro, 23-29 Aug. 2001, p. 10
Xpress, Visual Arts Section, “Furrows and Currents”, by Moli Amoli K. Shinhat, 23-29 Aug. 2001, p. 21
The Ottawa Citizen, City Section, “Around Town” by Margo Roston, 16 July 2001, p. D2
The Gloucester News, “Gloucester Woman Evolves from Teacher to Artist”, by Jan Duncan, 6 Sept. 1998, p. 6

EBA 20, Enriched Bread Artist 20th Anniversary Catalogue, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 2012
Observances, Following the Path: an artist’s journey
, Juliana McDonald, self-published, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 2011, ISBN 978-0-9876979-0-5
"Marking Time 1", a painting, reproduced on the cover of a Field Trip Guide Book, Glaciated Terrain and Erosional Features Related to a Proposed Uncomformity in Eastern Ontario, by David Sharp and Andre Pugin, CANQUA, Ottawa, 2007
Cover of Tone Magazine Mar. 2003, Feb. 2002
EBA 10: 10 years of art at the bread factory, a catalogue, published by Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, Canada, 2002, p. 41, pp. 72-73.
“How Dandelions Prey”, a painting, appears on the back cover of Uncommon Prayer, a book of poetry by Susan McMaster, Quarry Poetry Books, 1997
“ Fantasy Jungles in Pen ‘n Ink”, Canadian Society for Education Through Art, Sept. 1990, vol. 21, No. 2

Past Solo Exhibitions:

Enriched Bread Artists 25th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2017
Enriched Bread Artists 24th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Sept./Oct. 2016
Enriched Bread Artists 23rd Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct./Nov. 2015
Enriched Bread Artists 22nd Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct./Nov. 2014
Enriched Bread Artists 21st Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct./Nov. 2013
Losing Ground, Ottawa School of Art, Orleans Campus, Ottawa, September 29 to October 20, 2013
Enriched Bread Artists 20th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2012
Enriched Bread Artists 19th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2011
Enriched Bread Artists 18th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2010
Enriched Bread Artists 17th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2009
Enriched Bread Artists 16th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2008
Enriched Bread Artists 15th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2007
Sky and Stone, Snapdragon Gallery, Ottawa, September 6 to 24, 2007
Recent Works, Artguise Gallery, Ottawa, February 9 to March 14, 2007
Enriched Bread Artists 14th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2006
Secrets and Revelations, Sussex Gallery, Ottawa, March 10 to April 16, 2006
Enriched Bread Artists 13th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2005
The Urban Pear, Ottawa, Aug. 8 - Sept. 28, 2005
Enriched Bread Artists 12th Annual Open Studio. Ottawa, Oct. 2004
Cumberland Gallery, Ottawa, June 15 - July 20, 2004
Enriched Bread Artists 11th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2003
Philip K. Wood Gallery, Almonte, Ontario, June 22 - July 20, 2003
Enriched Bread Artists10th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2002
Enriched Bread Artists 9th Annual Open Studio, Ottawa, Oct. 2001
Market Station Bisto, Ottawa, April 1998
Rasputin’s, Ottawa, Sept-Oct. 1996, Mar. 1994, Sept. 1992
Gloucester Municipal Gallery, Mar. 1993

Past Selected Group Exhibitions:

Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls XXII, December 2016
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Great Big Smalls XI, December 2015
Venice Bienale, Painting included in an international video presentation, 2015
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, 2014
Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Annual Art Auction, 2012 - 2015
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Great Big Smalls X, December 2014
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Great Big Smalls IX, November-December 2013
Interference, Enriched Bread Artists at Quartaire, The Hague, Netherlands, August 2013
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, The Cottage, August-September 2013
Gallery 101, Ottawa, Create This Revolution, March-April 2013
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Great Big Smalls VIII, December 2012
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Great Big Smalls VII, December 2011
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Florescence, September 2011
Green, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, May, June 2011
Musicality, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, May 2010
De-Icing, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, March 2010
Verticality, Enriched Bread Artists at O'Connor Gallery, Toronto, January-February 2009
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Great Big Smalls Show IV, December 2008
Verticality, Enriched Bread Artists at Gallery 101, Ottawa, July-August 2008
Annual Art Auction, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, May 2008
Paper Works, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, February 2008
Book Works, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, September 2007
Photo Works, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, July 2007
Black and White, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, April 2007
Video Works, Gallery EBA, Ottawa, March 2007
Ottawa Art Gallery "The Art of Golf" fundraiser, spring 2005, 2006, 2007
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Great Big Smalls #2, December 2006
dotbullet Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Anniversary Show, November 2006
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Campestral, February 2006
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, The Great Big Smalls Show, December 2005
Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Grand Opening, November 2005
Carlen Gallery, Ottawa, featured artist, January through March 2005
"Doors Open Ottawa", Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, June 2005, June 2004, May 2003
"Small Paintings"Exhibition, Art rental and Sales, The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Nov. 2003, 2002, 2001
Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa City Hall, June-July 2001, group of five artists, juried
Arts and Education: National Symposium on the Arts, University of Ottawa, May 2000
University of Ottawa Graduating Students Exhibition, Ottawa, Apr. 2000
Ottawa City Hall Foyer Gallery, July 1999, June 1997
Foyer Gallery Nepean Sportsplex, Nepean, Mar 1999
Art Credo Annual Art Exhibition, Ottawa, spring 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 1993 to 1999
Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton Gallery, June of 1996, 1995, and 1993

Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude, University of Ottawa, 2000
Visual Arts Specialist, Ontario College of Teachers, 1988
Bachelor of Arts, English, Carleton University, Ottawa, 1970

Administrator for JAZZWORKS Workshop, 2003 to 2007
Studio assistant to Leslie Reid, June 2000 to 2004
Administrator for JAZZWORKS Workshop, 2003 to the present
Classroom teacher for the former Carleton Board of Education for 29 years; for twelve of those years, a teacher of Visual Arts, intermediate level—1971-2000

Related Activities:
Executive member of Board of Directors, Enriched Bread Artists, 2011-2013
Committee member, Ottawa Art Gallery, 2009-2012
President, Enriched Bread Artists, 2007
Jury member for the Mayor’s Art Festival, July 2006
Jury member for Ottawa Community Arts Programme, Sept. 2004
Jury member for Ottawa Visual Arts Project Grant, June, 2004
Jury member for Gloucester Arts Council, Nov. 2003
Committee member, Council for the Arts in Ottawa, 2003/2004
Jury member for Gloucester Gallery, Nov. 2002
Member of Board of Directors, Council for the Arts in Ottawa, 2001-2003
Member of Board of Directors, Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, 2001/2002

CARFAC Ontario
Council for the Arts in Ottawa
Golden Key National Honour Society, life-time member

London, Ontario, Canada


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