Juliana McDonald

Juliana McDonald, Coming to Light, Triptych, 2011, oil on canvas, 4 x 6 feet

Juliana McDonald is a Canadian landscape artist whose work reflects a deep respect and concern for the natural environment. Her textured oil paintings, delicate paper works, and translucent photo-based installations are strongly influenced by many years of canoeing and hiking in the Canadian Shield as well as daily walks in the woods and fields close to her home in Ottawa, Ontario. Through the materiality of her work, McDonald's intention is to awaken a physical and emotional response that allows viewers to immerse themselves in a personal journey of visual discovery and contemplation of meaning.

[Juliana McDonald’s] “ almost ritualistic tearing, patching, and tying together of bits of paper showed an intense desire to stop the threatened extinction of Monarch butterflies and, by extension, the destruction of our own life-world.”
Petra Halkes, PhD, Curator of “Interference”, exhibition catalogue

"Juliana McDonald's "zen pools" from Georgian Bay are superb"
Paul Gessell, The Ottawa Citizen


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